[Mono-osx] Xcode plugin for C#/Mono

Susan Mackay susanmackay at optusnet.com.au
Wed Sep 27 04:29:00 EDT 2006

NB This is the second attempt at sending this - the first version had an
attached zip file that was too large - I've just included the files needed
to install and run the plugin. I'll post the other files separately in
another post later on if this one 'gets through'. Sorry about that.

I've attached a zip file containing a plugin that I've been developing to
allow Xcode to be used as the IDE for C#/Mono.

The zip file is really just a snapshot of the installation file of the
plugin, along with some documentation files (.pdf)

Full installation instructions are given in the documentation but the first
page has a "quick start" for those who just want to give it a try.

It knows about C# source files, how to compile them to create library and
executable assembly files, as well as dependencies between library
assemblies and executable ones. Compile errors can link back to the source
line the compiler is complaining about.

Also, it is possible to run the executable from within Xcode. However you
cannot debug the application.

I've put this forward as a 'work in progress' and I am wanting those more
knowledgeable than I to either provide me with feedback and suggestions, or
to take the code and improve on it.

Hope this helps someone....


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