[Mono-osx] XCode, C#Mono and dumbarton

Russell Hind rhind at mac.com
Fri Sep 8 14:07:22 EDT 2006

Thanks, yes I had seen these.  Haven't tried them yet as wasn't sure  
how well they'd work with XCode 2.3/2.4 as the last update to them is  
dated as August 2004 (2 years ago).

Has anyone tried these with a later release of XCode?



On 8 Sep 2006, at 19:02, Adam wrote:

> Russell
> Don't know if you're aware of them but there's some tools for  
> building C# class libraries  in XCode on the Druware site, and I'm  
> pretty sure I've seen the guy who created them post on this list. I  
> did manage to get it all working a long time ago so I know it's  
> possible, but as work's kept me away from mono for some time others  
> may have better suggestions:
> http://www.druware.com/products/xcodetools.html
> Adam
> On 8 Sep 2006, at 10:45, Russell Hind wrote:
>> Hi, I've been playing with mono on OS X for a while now, and am  
>> now looking to create GUIs for my apps.  Using obj-c for this and  
>> c# for the backend would suite my needs at the moment.
>> Is it possible to get xcode to compile a c# project using mono  
>> (any hints on how to do this anywhere)? And also, does anyone know  
>> of any sites that have tutorials for using dumbarton as the bridge?
>> Or what tools do people use for creating C# stuff at the moment on  
>> OS X other than nano which I currently use?  I had a brief play  
>> with XDevelop a while ago so may have to re-visit that again.
>> TIA
>> Russell
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