[Mono-osx] Still trouble with 1.1.17

Ken & Deb Allen kendrhyd at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 2 14:13:15 EDT 2006

OK, I have abandoned use of macpack for the time being.

1. [printenv] reveals the following information is set.
> PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/mysql/ 
> bin:/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/bin:/usr/ 
> local/bin:.
> HOME=/Users/krallen
> SHELL=/bin/tcsh
> USER=krallen
> TERM_PROGRAM=Apple_Terminal
> TERM=vt102
> LOGNAME=krallen
> HOSTTYPE=powermac
> VENDOR=apple
> OSTYPE=darwin
> MACHTYPE=powerpc
> PWD=/Users/krallen/Development/Mono/DoubleElimination
> GROUP=staff
> HOST=Tigger.local
> DISPLAY=:0.0

2. Entering [mono DoubleElimination.exe] results in the following  
being displayed in Terminal; the intended form is displayed, although  
a number of options then simply display a "gdiplus" error.

Some progress, but disappointing.


On 2-Sep-06, at 12:20 PM, Aaron Flynt wrote:

> If 'mono DoubleElimination.exe' doesn't work after you've verified  
> that the required environmental variables are set in your shell and  
> you've made sure that X11 is running (do other X11 apps run - xterm  
> for example?), open-x11 or macpack won't get you any further.
> The following lines in the macpack loader script cause macpacked  
> MWF apps to fail for me since the quartz backend isn't currently  
> functional:
> # Setup the environment for MWF if needed
> if [ "$MWF_MODE" -eq "1" ]; then
>     export GDIPLUS_NOX=1
> fi
> As Andreas said, the X11 macpack option isn't for winforms apps.  
> You might want to follow his lead and avoid macpack until it's  
> updated.
> Make sure that the MONO_MWF_USE_QUARTZ_BACKEND and GDIPLUS_NOX are  
> NOT set. Try the printenv command to see what you have going on. If  
> they are set (even if set to 0) running the app will fail (at least  
> it does for me). Once you've verified that those aren't set and the  
> DISPLAY variable IS set, then try running Terminal.app, X11.app and  
> launching your app via 'mono DoubleElimination.exe'.
> -=Aaron=-
> On Sep 2, 2006, at 11:21 AM, Ken & Deb Allen wrote:
>> Changing the line in the generated script from [open-x11  
>> "$APP_NAME"] to [open-x11 "mono $APP_NAME"] resulted in the  
>> following text being displayed in the Console output:
>>> : unknown application: mono DoubleElimination
>> -ken
>> On 2-Sep-06, at 9:12 AM, Andreas Färber wrote:
>>> Am 02.09.2006 um 01:07 schrieb Ken & Deb Allen:
>>>> First, doing a "cd DoubleElimination.app/Contents/Resources" and  
>>>> then
>>>> "mono DoubleElimination.exe" presents the same results as double-
>>>> clicking the application, except all of the output comes to  
>>>> Terminal
>>>> rather than being sent to Console.
>>>> The script "DoubleElimination.app/Contents/MacOS/DoubleElimination"
>>>> contained a line that defined X11_MODE as zero (0), so I manually
>>>> changed this to a one (1), at which point the error text ": unknown
>>>> application: DoubleElimination" was sent to the Console when I  
>>>> double-
>>>> clicked the application. I edited the script so that the launch  
>>>> line
>>>> read [open-x11 "$APP_NAME.exe"] and the following text was sent to
>>>> the Console:
>>>>> /Users/krallen/Development/Mono/DoubleElimination/
>>>>> DoubleElimination.app/Contents/Resources/DoubleElimination.exe: /
>>>>> Users/krallen/Development/Mono/DoubleElimination/
>>>>> DoubleElimination.app/Contents/Resources/DoubleElimination.exe:
>>>>> cannot execute binary file
>>>> I modified my build script to use the "-m:x11" switch and this
>>>> corrected the setting in the script. When I double-click the script
>>>> now, the above error is now being displayed. If X11 is not active
>>>> when the applicationis double-clicked, then it is launched
>>>> automatically.
>>>> Inserting a line reading [echo "Display: $DISPLAY"] into the script
>>>> reveals that the variable is not set, but this does not seem to be
>>>> presenting a direct problem. Adding a line reading [DISPLAY=":0.0"]
>>>> to the beginning of the script does not change the behaviour.
>>> I haven't run any System.Windows.Forms apps on OS X, but open-x11  
>>> is a Mac OS X app to run binary executables, not managed  
>>> assemblies. Therefore any "open-x11 YourApp.exe" is destined to  
>>> fail because the assembly is no OS X executable. Try "open-x11  
>>> mono .../YourApp.exe".
>>> I've ceased to use macpack and instead generate the package  
>>> structure manually in my Makefile as macpack generates  
>>> superseeded launch scripts and for me often leads to the bundle  
>>> icon not being displayed correctly in Tiger's Finder.
>>> Andreas

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