[Mono-osx] Still trouble with 1.1.17

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sat Sep 2 09:12:32 EDT 2006

Am 02.09.2006 um 01:07 schrieb Ken & Deb Allen:

> First, doing a "cd DoubleElimination.app/Contents/Resources" and then
> "mono DoubleElimination.exe" presents the same results as double-
> clicking the application, except all of the output comes to Terminal
> rather than being sent to Console.
> The script "DoubleElimination.app/Contents/MacOS/DoubleElimination"
> contained a line that defined X11_MODE as zero (0), so I manually
> changed this to a one (1), at which point the error text ": unknown
> application: DoubleElimination" was sent to the Console when I double-
> clicked the application. I edited the script so that the launch line
> read [open-x11 "$APP_NAME.exe"] and the following text was sent to
> the Console:
>> /Users/krallen/Development/Mono/DoubleElimination/
>> DoubleElimination.app/Contents/Resources/DoubleElimination.exe: /
>> Users/krallen/Development/Mono/DoubleElimination/
>> DoubleElimination.app/Contents/Resources/DoubleElimination.exe:
>> cannot execute binary file
> I modified my build script to use the "-m:x11" switch and this
> corrected the setting in the script. When I double-click the script
> now, the above error is now being displayed. If X11 is not active
> when the applicationis double-clicked, then it is launched
> automatically.
> Inserting a line reading [echo "Display: $DISPLAY"] into the script
> reveals that the variable is not set, but this does not seem to be
> presenting a direct problem. Adding a line reading [DISPLAY=":0.0"]
> to the beginning of the script does not change the behaviour.

I haven't run any System.Windows.Forms apps on OS X, but open-x11 is  
a Mac OS X app to run binary executables, not managed assemblies.  
Therefore any "open-x11 YourApp.exe" is destined to fail because the  
assembly is no OS X executable. Try "open-x11 mono .../YourApp.exe".

I've ceased to use macpack and instead generate the package structure  
manually in my Makefile as macpack generates superseeded launch  
scripts and for me often leads to the bundle icon not being displayed  
correctly in Tiger's Finder.


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