[Mono-osx] Installation Trouble

Benson Yeh yeh at speakeasy.net
Sat Oct 28 21:38:37 EDT 2006


I've been trying in vain to install the  

After running the pkg and using terminal to cd /Library I do not see  
the Monoframework directory. I've also looked in /user/MyName/ 
Library/  and do not see the MonoFramework there either. I suspected  
that the installer is trying to install without permissions.  So I  
gave the MonoFramework-1.1.18_0.macos10.novell.ppc.pkg root  
privileges, but it still doesn't install in the above locations.

Support/documentation seems scant...but your pkg is a nice idea...I'd  
like to get this going.

Is there something completely silly that I've overlooked?

Powermac G5 1.8ghz running OSX 10.4.6


Benson Yeh
yeh at speakeasy.net

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