[Mono-osx] connect to Excel from Mono

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Wed Oct 11 10:26:58 EDT 2006

On 10/09/06 Vov@ Sadovyy wrote:
> It looks like nobody has been worked with Excel from Mono.. mkay...

If you tell us how to do it without Mono, we can tell you how to do it
with Mono.

> Probably someone has done some work with ODBC on Mac with Mono? In this list 
> are messages according Mono-ODBC crash, they are posted more than year ago:
> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-osx/2005-May/000178.html
> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-osx/2005-June/000206.html
> I have the same problem now. Does anybody was successfull with solving this 
> issue?

File a bug report with a simple test case that reproduces the issue
and details about the system (x86, ppc, osx version etc).


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