[Mono-osx] FW: Mono Newbie: Running csharp exe on OS X Tiger

Larry McNutt larry at mcnutt-consulting.com
Mon Oct 9 18:16:52 EDT 2006


Please forgive all these questions....

First of all, is this a good forum for newbie questions or is there a news
group I'm not aware of where I can scan through all the posts when I have

I have a need to run a small windows.forms application I've written in
csharp, on OS X.

I'm pretty confused (pretty green with unix/linux as well) by all the
requirements to do this.    

1. I was thinking I would just move the .exe over, should I do this or
re-compile on the mac?
2. Is X11 a requirement?
3. I couldn't get the .exe to work using macpack and opening from the
finder.  I had to use terminal and start it up with 'mono myapp.exe'.  Is
this what everyone does?
4. Is the env variable DISPLAY=:0.0 always necessary or is this a symptom of
something I've got mis-configured?
5. Does mono 1.1.13 contain the windows.forms classes or is that new to
6. Websites dedicated to Mono on OS X?

I've actually gotten the application to come up under X11 and mono 1.1.17.
But, I have an openFileDialog class that, when I choose a directory, crashes
the program.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Dallas, TX

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