[Mono-osx] Mac Universal Installer

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Tue Nov 28 17:05:41 EST 2006


Am 28.11.2006 um 21:16 schrieb Wade Berrier:

>> Actually I'm experiencing an issue with this framework:
>> mono_config_parse no longer works. (had I done a clean build I
>> would've noticed earlier!)
>> mono_config_parse is now in mono/metadata/mono-config.h which is not
>> included in the above framework.
> I looked into the other platform's installer and rpms, and I don't  
> ship
> mono-config.h anywhere.
> If this is a file that should be included, it needs to be installed
> during 'make install', and it will get included.

http://www.mono-project.com/Embedding_Mono details that  
mono_config_parse(NULL) needs to be called in order to use Mono's  
default config. And if I don't do this, FileSystemWatcher fails at a  
p/invoke call to libc, so I need to call it, independently of where  
it's declared.

The headers I previously included were:
...or at least I think so ... anyway, it was enough to call  
mono_config_parse. Now with either Mono 1.2 or 1.2.1 it no longer  
worked, and mono-config.h was one header file where I found the  
definition, so currently I copied it into my own source file as a  
workaround and it works again.

Should I file a bug report or re-post it on Mono-list?


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