[Mono-osx] R: winforms problems

pulcinox at tin.it pulcinox at tin.it
Mon Nov 20 04:29:03 EST 2006

Hi, I discovered that my problem could be libgtk-x11.

In fact, with 
the only "working" version of Mono that I tried (1.1.14), my
C# app was 
started but a warning message, telling that the needed libgtk-x11 could 
not be found in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, was displayed.

I found that I had the 
library, but the file name requested by the framework did not match 
exactly the name of the library installed (sorry, now I'm not with my 
Mac and so i can't tell the exact file names), so I added a symbolic 
link to the version i have on my iBook and I got the same error 
(reported in my previous post with Mono 1.2 rc 0) also with Mono 

The problem seems related to X11 and colors, but I could not 
get more details...
If anybody knows how to solve this, please let me



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