[Mono-osx] My Project Files Moved & Susan's Xcode Plug-in

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Nov 19 11:53:06 EST 2006

> >By setting the .NET version flag to V1 in the Build tab of the Target
> >Info inspector window I got the expected output:
> >"[Session started at 2006-10-15 16:54:05 +0100.]
> >Goodbye, Forever!
> >
> >InstallTest has exited with status 0."
> >
> >What is interesting though is that if you run the V2 compiled program
> >from Terminal (or WidgetTerm) it works perfectly. After some poking
> >around in the project file, plug-in code and various templates I
> >can't see what's going wrong. Could it be a bug in GMCS/Mono on PPC
> >or in Xcode on PPC with regards to Xcode's Pseudo Terminal?

This was a bug in the terminal driver.

The problem is that X-Code was starting up the program without setting a
value for "TERM", and we were trying to run code like this:

	Environment.GetVariable ("TERM").StartWith ("xterm")

Which was causing the null reference.

This should be fixed in Mono 1.2.1


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