[Mono-osx] can't build 1.2 on Intel

Allan Hsu allan at counterpop.net
Fri Nov 10 15:26:53 EST 2006

Mono will not build properly for Intel machines if you are using Xcode
2.4 or later, due to changes in some of the mach headers in newer
versions of the 10.4u SDK. You can either install Xcode 2.3 or use this


I submitted the patch a few weeks ago, but it doesn't look like anybody
has committed it yet.


>From the secret journal of Benjamin Reed:
> It looks like the build is freezing up:
> ---(snip!)---
> Making all in runtime
> if test -w ../mcs; then :; else chmod -R +w ../mcs; fi
> cd ../mcs && make PROFILES='default net_2_0' CC='gcc' all-profiles
> make profile-do--default--all profile-do--net_2_0--all
> make PROFILE=basic all
> ---(snip!)---
> I've left a build running for an hour and it still just sits there, so
> there's definitely something hinky going on, but it's hard to tell
> why.  Any ideas?
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