[Mono-osx] assertion failed in mini-ppc.c at line 1676

Jason Bell gharen1234 at hotmail.com
Mon May 29 00:53:36 EDT 2006

I'm running mono 1.1.15 on Mac OS X 10.3.9

The following scenario does not occur in windows or linux.  This application 
runs beautifully on those platforms.  I'm using the gmcs compiler.

I'm attempting to port my graphics engine to mac os x 

The main Facilis library contains an abstract class that describes the 
interface for a render system (originally enough called RenderSystem).

In another library is an OpenGL implementation of the render system 
(GLRenderSystem), inherited from RenderSystem.

As I said the application executes fine in windows and linux, but in mac os 
x it throws the following exception, then quits.  This error occurres both 
when building the binaries with gmcs in osx, and when copying over binaries 
build with visual studio 2005 in windows xp.

** ERROR **: file mini-ppc.c: line 1676 (get_float_register_spilling): 
assertion failed: (regmask)
Abort trap

At first I figured it was an error involving SDL, as SDL tends not to play 
nice with non-c languages on mac os x.  So I removed all references to SDL 
and tried creating a simple console application that creates an instance of 
GLRenderSystem, then exits.  Even though GLRenderSystem's constructor is 
empty it still throws this exception.  Absolutely no operations involving 
SDL, OpenGL, or any other 3rd party library have been performed before or 
when this exception is thrown.

I commented out all the existing code in the applications main function, and 
inserted a simple Console.WriteLine("Hello world");  Even though the 
application should simply output "Hello world" to the console and exit, the 
exception is still thrown.

So mac os x mono is apparently having some sort of trouble loading or using 
my libraries.  Hopefully this is enough for someone to point me in the right 
direction.  I'd love to have posted code as well, but there's huge amounts, 
and based on this error message I have no idea knowing precisely where the 
problem is in my code.

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