[Mono-osx] Anybody get Winforms to work on Mac OS X mono

John David Duncan jdd at mysql.com
Sat Jun 24 14:41:05 EDT 2006

> You'll probably encounter more problems after.  I personally  
> haven't gotten
> winforms working on os x yet.

For what it's worth...

I have it working in X11 on one machine, and not working on another.   
Both machines had OS X 10.4 and X11 already installed, and then I  
installed the same
Mono 1.1.15 package on them.  If anything, the machine where Winforms  
works is older and cruftier than the one where it doesn't.  On the  
one where it doesn't work, I get a SIGILL in gdiplus.

If anyone is trying to track down the issues here, I'll be glad to  
share information about the two machines.  (But you'll have to give  
me specific questions, because I don't know where to look).


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