[Mono-osx] Cocoa# vs Dunbarton

Allan Hsu allan at counterpop.net
Mon Jun 12 17:31:32 EDT 2006

In general, Cocoa# is intended for people that want to use Cocoa from  
C#. Dumbarton is intended for usage of managed code from native code.  
We wrote it so we could share a managed back end with our windows  
client, even though the UI is written in native Objective-C/Cocoa.  
You could also use Dumbarton to add the functionality of a C# library  
to your existing ObjC/Cocoa application.

They're really two different tools for two different jobs.

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On Jun 12, 2006, at 9:37 AM, James Clarke wrote:

> Can anyone explain the relative merits of Cocoa# and Imeem’s  
> Dunbarton library?
> thanks
> - James
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