[Mono-osx] mono for OSX - Intel?

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sat Jun 10 13:27:31 EDT 2006

>> Another option for universal installer integration is to  
>> split_and_lipo
>> on all the built zip/rpm files just previous to creating the  
>> installer
>> (IE: within macosx/new/buildpackage).
> This is actually a pretty excellent idea: provided you're building
> separate PPC and Intel frameworks natively (pretty much exactly as  
> you are
> today, except the PPC build machine would have to run 10.4), just  
> prior to
> building the pkg, find all the mach-o binaries in
> Mono.framework/Versions/Current and lipo the ppc and i386 versions
> together, which is pretty much what split_and_lipo does.  Since you  
> have
> the machines and you have the distributed build-fu, it should be  
> pretty
> trivial to get that going.  As for the ppc 10.4 dependency, you can  
> (as
> Allan pointed out) just use the 10.3 sdk.  Since you won't really be
> cross-compiling (the host can run the generated binaries), you  
> shouldn't
> run into any weird issues at all.
> The only caveat I can see is that glib creates glibconfig.h at  
> autoconf
> time.  So as part of the lipo step you would have to rename the  
> i386 and
> ppc files and conditionally include them.  That is also pretty  
> trivial (in
> fact, I was doing it that tarball of universal build scripts I  
> posted) and
> is not nearly as terrible as it sounds.

ADC recently had an article on compiling OpenSSL as universal  
binaries using a similar approach:


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