[Mono-osx] mono for OSX - Intel?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Jun 8 22:54:54 EDT 2006


> Curiously though, if the tweaking of the scripts is so minor, and the
> creation of the pkg so easy, why not just publish a mactel package on the
> downloads page?  

We are using a pre-Tiger system for doing the builds, so we can build
packages for pre-Tiger and Tiger systems.  Apparently Tiger-builds did
not work on older OSX editions, and not everyone has upgraded to Tiger.

Pre-Tiger systems apparently can not host the dual x86/ppc development
environments, but in addition to that, the machine is in Boston and Wade
which is our build engineer is in Provo, so this has to work remotely.

So anyways, we have been trying to use my desktop mac for this as it is
Tiger (also in Boston), but this requires synchronizing the work between
Wade (in Utah) and myself (in Boston) and I have just not had very much
spare time.   To make things worse, a "feature" of OSX decided to
reconfigure the system (deleting all defined users and configuration
settings of the machine) which just meant that I had to spend more time
on it, time that I did not have.

So it has been basically a combination of lack of time, lack of

At the end of the day, we might just end up buying a Mac Mini to do the
builds and send that to Wade.


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