[Mono-osx] mono for OSX - Intel?

Sean Hignett seanhig at geminibay.com
Wed Jun 7 16:52:32 EDT 2006

Hi Mike,


I used a combination of darwinports and the svn source to get it compiled on
my macbook and it has been running very well for the past 3 months.  It is
my primary development environment... I build corp .net apps for a living.

The full dep tree is a nightmare for anyone but the hardcore, what with all
the "lightly" documented build variables for each lib, etc.  Tried it, too
much of a pain. So I used darwinports for all that, based on the monodevelop
faq for building mono. When I got as far as mono, I switched to building
from source, so I get all the mactel fixes that may not be in the
darwinports mono builds yet.

You have to adjust your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly, and there are some
niggly bits around the image format libs that now ship with osx and
conflict, but there are workarounds if you are creative...

I use XSP for my ASP.NET development, and even have Zedgraph working very
nicely with libgdiplus, also built from svn.

So it is possible :)

I hesitate to list all the steps in detail, as it seems the mono folks would
be producing a universal binary sooner rather then later.  Kinda silly not
to now, PPC is dead.


On 6/7/06 11:23 AM, "Mike Johnson" <mike.johnson at weblakes.com> wrote:

> I am keen on getting mono/asp.net working on my mac mini. What would be
> involved in making that happen? Just be patient? Is it possible to get
> the current source and compile it for intel without making it a
> universal binary ?
> --mike
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> Bryan Berg did the work to make the Mono build process create a
> universal binary (we ship a universal Mono build with imeem), but nobody
> has done the work to integrate the build changes into the new build
> system.
> -Allan
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> Allan Hsu <allan at counterpop dot net>
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> On Jun 6, 2006, at 7:38 AM, Mike Johnson wrote:
>> I noticed at one time there was a beta release of mono for Intel put
>> up, but with each release since I have only seen revisions for PPC. Is
>> the intel code just too unstable at the moment?
>> --mike
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