[Mono-osx] assertion failed in mini-ppc.c at line 1676

Jason Bell gharen1234 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 5 01:08:01 EDT 2006

Through a TON of trial and error, I found the problem.

My Matrix struct has 16 floats, and it's constructor takes 16 floats to 
initialise them.  This exception was thrown when the constructor was called 
while initialising a static Matrix4 member of GLRenderSystem.

I've determined that the maximum allowable parameters for a constructor with 
mac os x is 13.  I don't know if this applies to methods as well, or just 
constructors.  I also didn't determine whether this occurres with classes as 
well as structs.

Hopefully this is a bug and not an intended feature.

>From: "Jason Bell" <gharen1234 at hotmail.com>
>To: mono-osx at lists.ximian.com
>Subject: [Mono-osx] assertion failed in mini-ppc.c at line 1676
>Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 21:53:36 -0700
>I'm running mono 1.1.15 on Mac OS X 10.3.9
>The following scenario does not occur in windows or linux.  This 
>application runs beautifully on those platforms.  I'm using the gmcs 
>I'm attempting to port my graphics engine to mac os x 
>The main Facilis library contains an abstract class that describes the 
>interface for a render system (originally enough called RenderSystem).
>In another library is an OpenGL implementation of the render system 
>(GLRenderSystem), inherited from RenderSystem.
>As I said the application executes fine in windows and linux, but in mac os 
>x it throws the following exception, then quits.  This error occurres both 
>when building the binaries with gmcs in osx, and when copying over binaries 
>build with visual studio 2005 in windows xp.
>** ERROR **: file mini-ppc.c: line 1676 (get_float_register_spilling): 
>assertion failed: (regmask)
>Abort trap
>At first I figured it was an error involving SDL, as SDL tends not to play 
>nice with non-c languages on mac os x.  So I removed all references to SDL 
>and tried creating a simple console application that creates an instance of 
>GLRenderSystem, then exits.  Even though GLRenderSystem's constructor is 
>empty it still throws this exception.  Absolutely no operations involving 
>SDL, OpenGL, or any other 3rd party library have been performed before or 
>when this exception is thrown.
>I commented out all the existing code in the applications main function, 
>and inserted a simple Console.WriteLine("Hello world");  Even though the 
>application should simply output "Hello world" to the console and exit, the 
>exception is still thrown.
>So mac os x mono is apparently having some sort of trouble loading or using 
>my libraries.  Hopefully this is enough for someone to point me in the 
>right direction.  I'd love to have posted code as well, but there's huge 
>amounts, and based on this error message I have no idea knowing precisely 
>where the problem is in my code.
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