[Mono-osx] More p/invoke, possibly a bug?

Nolan Darilek nolan at thewordnerd.info
Fri Feb 24 15:19:03 EST 2006

I've made some good progress on the OS X speech wrapper, but I'm  
encountering an issue related to callbacks. Namely, I'm getting the  
following error:

** ERROR **: file mini.c: line 7646 (mono_get_lmf_addr): should not  
be reached
Abort trap
I don't know enough about p/invoking callbacks to know if the problem  
is my code or Mono, but I suspect Mono because of the "should not be  
reached" bit. :) I have, however, distilled my code into a minimal  
testcase, which I've attached.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a Mono issue? I'm encountering  
"should not be reached" conditions in other projects as well, though  
those are a bit more difficult to create testcases for.

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