[Mono-osx] Revamped MacOS installer build process

Gareth Baker g.j.baker at dl.ac.uk
Wed Feb 22 03:51:58 EST 2006

Seems to go in OK but when I try a compile I get:

mcs -debug PrintableForm.cs SineCurve.cs -out:SineCurve.exe
-r:System.Drawing -r:System.Windows.Forms -r:System.Data
dyld: Library not loaded: /tmp/build_deps/lib/libgthread-
  Referenced from: 
  Reason: image not found
make: *** [test] Trace/BPT trap

Which I've never seen before (libgthread is in

Gareth Baker

On 22/2/06 04:01, "Wade Berrier" <wberrier at novell.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've revamped the Mac OSX installer a little in order to integrate it
> into the Mono build/release system.  This will ease macosx builds and
> provide timely builds when Mono releases.
> I've spent a good deal of time making sure this package will perform
> just as previous packages.
> If you'd like to test it out, here's the link:
> http://primates.ximian.com/~wberrier/tmp/
> -
> Feedback is appreciated,
> Wade
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