[Mono-osx] Building libgdiplus on OSX

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sat Feb 11 17:47:34 EST 2006


> I can get into specific error messages if need be, but I am hoping 
> someone can point me to some sort of tutorial or instructions for 
> building libgdiplus on OSX.

The only challenge that libgdiplus has is that you need to install the
following pieces:

	* FreeType 2, this is a very important step, as the FreeType
	  shipped with MacOS X is not compatible with the Cairo that
	  we are shipping inside libgdiplus (its an old version).

	* All the graphics library dependencies.

You might want to look at the "1113" script checked into the release
module, in the macosx directory, it has the precise steps that we use
for the DMG images we publish.


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