[Mono-osx] Native OSX?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Dec 26 14:33:55 EST 2006


> Mono’s version of the Windows Forms stack was designed to leverage Gtk
> +, since that toolkit is available on all platforms. AFAIK, there is
> no implementation of Gtk+ that uses Cocoa, so you will need to have
> your X server running whenever you want to run WinForms in Mac OS.

This is wrong, complete miss information.

Mono's implementation of Windows.Forms uses a "driver" approach,
currently there are two working drivers:

	* Win32	- For Windows.
	* X11 - For Unix systems with X.

There is no dependency on Gtk+ of any sort, you are incredibly confused.

Mono's X11 driver tries to detect if Gtk+ or Qt are installed on the
system and if found, it uses those to pick up the system colors (so it
can integrate visually with your current selected theme) but makes no
use of either (other than pulling the color scheme).

There is a non-working driver for Quartz (volunteers welcome, but I
doubt they will materialize), and there is also a non-working *THEME* (a
Theme being an API that renders the widgets on screen) that can use Gtk+
to do the actual rendering.


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