[Mono-osx] Native OSX?

David Mitchell dave at fallingcanbedeadly.com
Sun Dec 24 18:23:32 EST 2006

Mono's version of the Windows Forms stack was designed to leverage Gtk+,
since that toolkit is available on all platforms. AFAIK, there is no
implementation of Gtk+ that uses Cocoa, so you will need to have your X
server running whenever you want to run WinForms in Mac OS.


As an alternative to this rather awkward procedure, you might consider
investigating porting parts of your application to use Cocoa# or Dumbarton.





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Is it possible to use MWF in native OSX applications? Whenever I try to run
a simple MWF applications without the Xserver running I get a DISPLAY
environment variable error.

I'm using the latest binary installer from the mono-project website. 

Ryan P Sommers
rpsommers at gmail.com 

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