[Mono-osx] There Bool Dragons Here

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at bleepconsulting.com
Sat Dec 16 18:53:55 EST 2006

This is a Dumbarton related question, there will surely be many to  
follow :)

I'm curious as to how "safe" DB_BOX_BOOLEAN is, from my understanding  
with p/invoke code, booleans are tricky as they tend to be  
represented differently on a variety of different architectures,  
should I write my wrapper code using int values of  0, and -1, or can  
I safely rely on bool to not "screw things up royally down the line"

 From the best of my understanding there's no way to have events  
traverse into notifications of some sort on the other side of the  
bridge, and I'm wondering what other 'notification' methods might be  
possible, such as calling function pointers (i.e. how async I/O in C  
can be achieved), etc. I'm going to have a few threads running in the  
C# core that would need to notify the native Cocoa UI through some  
means when things long extended (non-blocking) network I/O calls are  
finished. Suggestions?

Memory management (insert pause here to allow cringing where  
appropriate). While Objective-C 2.0 may have garbage collection, am  
"I responsible" for taking care of my DBMonoObjectRepresentation  
subclasses in terms of releasing them where appropriate, and then  
just let the C# code garbage collect as per usual in wholesale Mono  
applications? Are there any caveats to "standard" memory management  
with Cocoa that I should be aware of before I unleash memory leaks  
a'plenty upon my code base? ;)

What is the flying weight of an unlade...oh nevermind :)

I really can't thank you imeem guys enough for Dumbarton, this  
project I'm working on right now involves:
	- Custom network libraries implemented in C
	- C# core with sporadic calls out to platform dependent code
	- native Cocoa interface with plenty of pretty AppKit subclasses

Without Dumbarton, tying all this together would fall under the  
"clusterfuck" umbrella, where it stands now, it's just in the "wtf?"  
camp :)

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