[Mono-osx] Bundling Mono for Dumbarton

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at bleepconsulting.com
Mon Dec 4 05:14:54 EST 2006

Allan, I know you aren't one for sharing your magical secrets, but  
I'm starting to seriously consider spending the next month or so  
dedicated to working on a Mono project that would be initially  
released as a Cocoa/Mono application (via Dumbarton) but the one  
thing I would like to be keen on before beginning is the feasibility  
of bundling the necessary Mono dylibs with my .app.

I really do like the Dumbarton project, and I'd probably have a  
similar use for it that imeem does (my networking, "business logic"  
core of the app), but the actual bundle-linkage-foo that you guys  
perform isn't too well know.

So here's what I'm thinking, I know documenting eccentric build and  
release processes is about as entertaining as burning your hand with  
a toaster (breakfast was fun today), but I'll put up a bounty if it  
will help.

I'd be more than happy to send you and Alf some good Shiner Bock  
(fantastic Texas brew) if you guys can document something to the  
point of being usable for distributing Cocoa/Mono applications.

If that's not enough to convince you, I'll throw in erm....a...a box  
of paper clips, and a tube of chap stick; whatever I can do to  
procure some of that information out of you guys ;)

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