[Mono-osx] Hello world example?

Andreas Ringdal andreas at ringdal.no
Wed Aug 30 15:45:18 EDT 2006

1 go to go-mono.com and install the os x version of mono

2 create hello.cs and write something like

console.write("helleu world");;

Remember to include using system, class main and all that you would  
include in visual studio

3 compile open terminal cd to the directory where you stored hello.cs  
and write
mcs hello.cs

4 run
still in terminal write
mono hello.exe

Den 30. aug. 2006 kl. 20.50 skrev Eric Bowen (Gmail):

> Hello all-
> I'm an experienced Windows .NET developer trying to dive into Mono  
> on OSX for the first time, on my brand new shiny MacBook.  Can  
> anybody point me to the simple how to on installing mono and  
> getting a simple hello world app to run?
> Thanks!
> Signed: clueless newbie
> -- 
> Eric Bowen | http://scrappydog.com/blog | eric.bowen at gmail.com
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