[Mono-osx] Xcode Integration: A simple Mono Project

Mark Satterthwaite deepmark9 at macunlimited.net
Sun Apr 30 11:42:59 EDT 2006

Hi Again,

I've created a project for a Cocoa-Sharp application and fixed some  
problems with the Mono Tool project. Both now auto-generate the '-r:'  
flags by scanning the Libraries folder. The Cocoa-Sharp project does  
the same for Nibs in the Nibs folder. Also they now use the Target  
Build folders rather than the Project folder for running the executable.

MonoTool: http://www.bath.ac.uk/~cs3ms/downloads/MonoTool.tgz
CocoaSharpApplication: http://www.bath.ac.uk/~cs3ms/downloads/ 

As for making a plug-in proper, I'm afraid I can't spend that amount  
of time on this at the moment. Perhaps once Apple actually release  
the plug-in documentation and specification I'll return to this.  
Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the experience to make this  
work right now.



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