[Mono-osx] Use of Eclipse as a .NET IDE

Peter Loron peterl at standingwave.org
Thu Oct 27 14:20:22 EDT 2005

Too bad Eclipse crawls on my dual 2.0 G5...although it would be worlds
better than nothing.

I know the hardcore out there will do their Mono work in vi or somesuch,
but I find working in a full-on IDE like VS.NET that has code completion
hints, formatting, integrated visual debugger, etc to be *MUCH* faster.

I have avoided doing anything with Mono on my Mac because of the lack of
a good IDE.


Dominik Pich wrote:
>  I also only know of the Improve plugin... unfortunately.
> IMHO eclipse could be a excellent IDE for Mono :D Instead effort goes 
> to another app... I aleady asked about this when I first discovered 
> Mono but have not gotten a satisfying answer...
> On Oct 26, 2005, at 10:16 PM, Timothy Mowlem wrote:
>> Hello,
>> People are discussing a lot about MonoDevelop and its so slow 
>> progress to MacOSX. Perhaps resources would be better spent  creating
>> a project to develop a C#/.NET Eclipse plugin to make  C#/.NET/Mono a
>> first class citizen along side the JDT (Java  Development Toolkit) on
>> Eclipse.
>> Eclipse is already an excellent Java IDE and a very large amount of 
>> industry support is now behind it. There is already one C# plugin 
>> that i am aware of (the Improve plugin) but that does not appear to 
>> be under active development.
>> The existing IDE framework and plugin system gives you a lot before 
>> you have started so surely a C# aware editor and build system would 
>> not be hard to create? Also surely a debugger could be incorporated 
>> into the system as well.
>> The only problem I can see would be the use of the SWT toolkit in 
>> Eclipse when you want to do .NET GUI development. Perhaps someone  has
>> ideas on this topic?
>> Does anyone know if such a C#/.NEt project is underway for Eclipse?
>> Thanks,
>> Tim Mowlem
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