Apple's take on Mono? Re: [Mono-osx] OSX Reality Check

Thomas Johansen thomasjo at
Tue Oct 25 17:41:57 EDT 2005

Not sure it's wise of me to go into specifics at this point in time,  
but I can mention a couple of small things that are annoying me a  
great deal;
The way XHTML rendering is determined in Whidbey is done by using  
browserCaps and this in itself is ok. The problem though is that they  
have set it up so that ONLY browsercap entries that are known to work  
with XHTML output gets it, as opposed to only omitting XHTML output  
for browsers known NOT to work with XHTML.  Might seem like a small  
thing, but with new versions of browsers coming out all the time,  
this means we'll have to maintain the browsercaps on a regular  
basis.  I and a few of the others expressed a concern about this very  
early on in the Whidbey phase, but never got a positive response to  
it.  This would not have taken long to fix at all...
There's also a massive problem with the rich functionality in ASP.NET  
-- it only works with IE. Their javascripts are written in such a way  
they would only ever work on IE and as such, all other browsers get  
the dumbed down WebPart controls etc (no drag n' drop for instance).

  - Thomas

On 26/10/2005, at 7:23 AM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello,
>> I'm an ASPInsider (; ASP.NET started out good, but
>> it's quickly turning into a gigantic obelisk. As always MSFT crams
>> way too much crap into their products and take away too much control
>> from the developer. A few of us have expressed concerns like these,
>> but even with the ASPInsiders group they seem unwilling to discuss
>> problems we may have with certain aspects and decisions made.
>> I still like ASP.NET + C#, but I do not love the combination anymore
>> (started moving away from it)...
> Maybe you could share some of those problems with us.
> Miguel

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