Apple's take on Mono? Re: [Mono-osx] OSX Reality Check

Miguel de Icaza miguel at
Tue Oct 25 17:22:57 EDT 2005


> Does Apple have a public stance on ANY development language other than
> Obj-C?  In case you wonder about Java, read this page and search for
> "important"
> n/index.html
> Apple's not going to discourage other languages from running on OS X, but
> people thinking that Apple's is going to endorse Mono/Java/Cobol/Ruby/You
> Favorit Pet Language should not hold their breath.

I understand this position.

I think that it is up to our own community (Mono users and developers on
Apple) to put out great tools to develop software on OS X.  

In general, the lack of assistance from Apple (or any other company)
should not discourage folks from building a fantastic development
platform on their own.  Mono, Python, Ruby and all those platforms are
developed without any assistance from large companies and they are still
fantastic platforms on their own.

Sometimes there are synergies between projects and sometimes there are

In this particular case, for example, it makes sense to work with the
folks from Imeem, Unity and the individual hackers like Geoff to build a
great platform.

In particular, I like Geoff's plan for the new Cocoa# which rather than
being autogenerated is grown organically.


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