[Mono-osx] Installing Monodevelop on OSX

Ron Braithwaite ron at braithwaites.net
Sat Oct 22 17:01:04 EDT 2005

On Oct 22, 2005, at 12:41 PM, Phillip Hoff wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> I, too, have been trying to get MonoDevelop running on my Mac with  
> little luck over the past year.  Even when I was able to compile  
> the source and all of its dependencies, MonoDevelop would not start  
> due to some issue finding libgnomeui-2.0.dylib.  Finally, at 2am  
> last night (er, this morning), I ran across this blog:
> http://www.edu-net.hu/dottext/d0lphin/archive/2005/07/04/4657.aspx.
> It contains two links, one to some Gnome bundle and another to a  
> modified Mono package, that somehow make everything "just  
> work".  Granted, it's with slightly older versions of MonoDevelop  
> (0.7) and Mono ( than are available now, but I'm willing to  
> live with that rather then resort to jury-rigging XCode to compile  
> my .NET applications like I usually do.
> You might give this a try, if you haven't already found a solution  
> on your own.

I had not yet found a solution and had put the project temporarily on  
the back burner. I will try this out over the next day or so.



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