[Mono-osx] Re: Mono 1.1.10 + MacOS

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Nov 23 11:23:09 EST 2005


> > I downloaded the latest release and then attempted to test my program,
> > which uses Windows Forms, but it does not work! It starts to launch and
> > then it simply exits. This same code would compile and run under 1.1.9,
> > but some of the Windows controls did not work as well as they should.
> My experience is similar to yours. A Windows.Forms application that mostly
> worked in a previous version of Mono now doesn't work at all with Mono
> 1.1.10.

The problem is that Cairo 1.0 no longer builds on OSX because it
requires a newer version of FreeType to be installed.

I might end up including our own version of FreeType to make it work.

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