[Mono-osx] Mono 1.1.0 Cocoa# + MWF

kangaroo grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Tue Nov 22 01:11:06 EST 2005

Cocoa# and libgdiplus were not included in the 1.1.10 release.  If  
you need these features you are urged to stay on

I probably should have communicated this earlier and for that I  
apologize.  This was a strategic decision made for a number of  
reasons, that if you care enough about to actually help with and  
submit patches; feel free to contact me.

I will talk more about the Cocoa# situation tho.  Some of you may or  
may not know that 0.2 had the entire toolkit automatically  
generated.  Some time ago I did an audit of the classes that were  
generated and was unsatisfied with the result.  I investigated the  
labour involved to fix the countless edge cases to make the generator  
maintainable and decided to go in another direction.

Cocoa# 0.9 (probably what I will version it; not 100% sure yet) is on  
my harddrive and almost ready to go on SVN.  The runtime has been  
reworked to require no glue whatsoever, but there is also no more  
generator.  All of the classes that will be commited by me will have  
been hand bound under a new set of rules (trust me; it wont be hard  
to bind new methods/classes and submit me patches).  The delay  
getting this into SVN is a timing problem on my side; as with the new  
Cocoa# there will be a rule that no patch will go in adding/modifying/ 
removing methods without a corresponding documentation update.  This  
will ensure that we have up to date documentation of all class methods.

This may come at the expense of some immediate functionality; but if  
you are using Cocoa# or want to see it succeed the 5 minutes it takes  
to bind the class you need should not be a problem; and contributing  
documentation goes to the future of us all.

On the MWF side; yes; it no longer works in 1.1.10.  This was at my  
behest.  I am the sole contributor and maintainer of the driver and  
have yet to recieve a patch.  I asked the MWF maintainers that if  
they add features to the driver to make them throw  
NotImplementedException's so that they wouldn't get lost.  As a  
result, and some internal time pressures on me, MWF-OSX has bitrotted  

The summation of all this is fairly simple.  If these features are  
incredibly important to you personally/professionally/etc get  
involved.  I welcome anyone who is willing to help.  To be frank  
seeing nothing but complaints with no action taken by anyone on this  
list is daunting at times and I tend to let the mails build up.  This  
is definately not the ideal action on my side, but this isn't my full  
time job.


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