[Mono-osx] New to Mono, Need Help with MacPack

Ehab Amer ehab.amer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 10:56:09 EST 2005

Dear all,
	I'm very new to Mono & I've been using Visual Studio.Net for a very  
long time. I've been working with all my projects on Virtual PC with  
VS.Net 2003 Installed.

Things are very very slow on the VPC & I'm getting very impatient (I  
dont know if you could even Imagin how !!)

I've searched the net on how to use MacPack but I dont really  
understand how to work with it, as some things DON'T WORK from the  

I have some projects right now almost completed using VS.Net they  
just need some testing & its not fun running any apps on VPC !!!!

I'd be very glad if anyone could help me as much as possible as you  
might help me save a lot of money not buying a PC

Thanks In Advance
Ehab Yosry Amer

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