[Mono-osx] Use of Eclipse as a .NET IDE

kangaroo grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Thu Nov 3 16:42:07 EST 2005

Btw all;  I'm 99% certain miguel means X-Develop here not X-Code.


On 3-Nov-05, at 4:31 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello,
>     Some people have mentioned that SlickEdit works on the Mac.  There
> is also X-Code which is a commercial IDE that supports Mono  
> natively and
> works on OSX, uses SWT so it has *some* resemblance to the  
> underlying OS
> and I believe its based to some extent on Eclipse.
>     The Mono team does not have the resources to build an IDE, so we
> have not devoted much attention to that problem ourselves.   
> Although we
> do contribute to MonoDevelop.
>     We contribute to MonoDevelop for several reasons:
> 	* It is a good way of testing the Mono runtime *itself* as it is
> 	  a large application and it exercises various parts of the
> 	  runtime that would otherwise would not be tested.
> 	  ie, we dogfood Mono and Gtk# with it.
> 	* A C#-based IDE is able to consume all of our class libraries
> 	  without any effort, this means that it is easy to integrate
> 	  the Mono debugger (done in the past, currently broken as its
> 	  changing its API), Stetic or other Gtk# based components
> 	  easily.
>      To me dogfooding is a recent good enough to support  
> MonoDevelop as
> a gigantic QA test for the runtime and all of our libraries.  But if
> folks wants to use X-Code, Eclipse or SlickEdit that is of course fine
> with us.  We just do not have enough resources to have a strong enough
> opinion.
> Miguel.
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