[Mono-osx] Introduction

Matthew Mark Miller das at dasmegabyte.org
Tue May 31 11:51:47 EDT 2005

Hello gang.  I'm new to the list and thought I'd do the standard  
introduction thing.  I'm a C# programmer  by day, and by night I'm a  
Mac user exclusively.

  I feel there's a paradox in the current state of software, in that  
Apple has some of the best software and by far the best user  
experience, but Windows has the best programming tools and overall  
developer experience.  I want to write tools for OSX and I like  
XCode, but I have been disappointed by the kludgey dual syntax of  
ObjectiveC and the lackluster performance of UI in Java.

Cocoa# on OSX could be the answer.   Mac support and all I have to do  
is write a new model?  Sign me up.
///M3 -- Matthew Mark Miller

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