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roth_soft at bluewin.ch roth_soft at bluewin.ch
Tue May 24 03:02:14 EDT 2005

Hi Neil,
first thanks a lot for your mail!

I installed the latest mono runtime package 1.1.7, which contains Cocoa#.
So I thought, thats all what I need to do...

How can I use the CocoaSharp in mono apps, that I get directly the Aqua look
and feel for my winform applications on the mac?


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>You should check out Cocoa# (http://www.mono-project.com/CocoaSharp). 
>While it doesn't give you a platform-agnostic way of creating UI in
>Mono, it's a pretty good wrapper around the Cocoa framework. 
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>Today an application written by Mono Winforms looks like a "Windows"
>Are there any plans to support the native look and feel of Macintosh
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