[Mono-osx] Tao.Sdl on OSX?

Nolan J. Darilek nolan at thewordnerd.info
Sat May 14 16:21:46 EDT 2005

Apologies if this gets posted twice; just noticed that I cut-n-pasted
in a '.' after the list address. Was wondering why I hadn't yet seen a
copy in my inbox. :)

I'm currently attempting to run a Tao.Sdl app I've written under OSX,
and am having some issues/points of confusion.

My app works fine under Linux, and I've not yet tested it under
windows. Where I struggle, though, is with configuring a dllmap for
SDL.dll. When I run 'sdl-config --libs' under Linux I get:

-L/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread

so the dllmap need only include SDL (I assume -lpthread is gotten
somehow, perhaps through Mono itself.)

Under OSX, however, I must not only link against SDL, but I also need
to include two separate frameworks, Cocoa and OpenGL.

I've been googling for some definitive dllmap guide. Yes, there's the
interop guide, but it seems a bit shaky on the details of running
under OSX. What I *really* want is a detailed description of dllmap,
how it works and what attributes I can pass.

Failing that, can anyone recommend an alternative to get this working?
:) I don't think dllmap works with statically-linked libraries, but is
there some way I can create an SDL library that is dynamic but somehow
links to the frameworks, such that I need only map SDL.dll to
libSDL.dylib, or better yet, not include the mapping at all?

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