[Mono-osx] [ANN] X-develop 1.0.1 with Mac OS X support

Hans Kratz kratz@omnicore.com
Thu, 12 May 2005 15:58:43 +0200


Thanks for trying out X-develop.

> X-Develop works quite well, albeit a little slowly on my dual 2.5Ghz  G5 
> powermac. 

It should definitely not feel slow on a machine like this. It would be 
great if you could tell us which parts of X-develop are/feel slow so we 
can investigate. We might have to work around some Mac OS X specific quirks.

> You have the option to select vs.net keybindings as  well, 
> which helps out. I couldn't get the debugger to work, but I  will try 
> tomorrow. 

The X-develop debugger for Mono works only on platforms supported by the 
Mono.Debugger library. AFAIK currently only Linux x86 is supported. 
Furthermore the Mono.Debugger library is currently not part of Mono 
1.1.x. It has to be installed from SVN.

Best regards,

Hans Kratz
Omnicore Software