[Mono-osx] Mono 1.1.7 TEST dmg available

Adhamh Findlay monoosx@adhamh.com
Tue, 03 May 2005 21:01:45 -0700

Hi All,

Please test the dmg at:


Make sure that you test Gdiplus, Mono, Mcs, and Cocoa#.

Please reply to this if you have any bugs.  Minimal testing shows that 
everything build into Gdiplus, and Cocoa#
I'll give people a couple of days to say that this shouldn't get posted 
to the Mono web site.  If I don't hear anything it WILL get posted.

This dmg should work on Tiger and Panther, please test both.  It was 
build on Panther 10.3.9.

All the RTF installer docs are autogenerated now, so things should stay 
more up-to-date. 

I'm thinking about rewritting the build script in python so I can do 
some unit tests when the build is finished.