[Mono-osx] How do I install Mono (Linux) on PowerPC?

Peter De Jager peterdj at telkomsa.net
Fri Jul 22 06:52:01 EDT 2005

Thank you, I'm learning a lot ;-). I managed to install from svn but
realised that my problem is actually with libgdiplus. When the Mono config
script said that it assumed libgdiplus to be installed I thought I had to do
that first.


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> > I bought a Mac mini last week (simply fell in love with it 
> ;-). I've 
> > set it up to dual boot Linux (Fedora Core 4 for PowerPC) 
> and OS X but 
> > now I'm trying to install Mono on the Linux partition and 
> I'm battling 
> > to compile from source (since I'm new to both Mac and Linux). Are 
> > there any binaries available so I don't need to compile? 
> Mono on OS X 
> > is working fine, it's the Linux (PPC) version I'm having 
> trouble with. Or perhaps is there a "HowTo"
> > somewhere which explains how to get Mono running under 
> Linux on PowerPC?
> The steps are the same as Linux on x86.
> Follow the instructions on each set of releases.

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