[Mono-osx] How do I install Mono (Linux) on PowerPC?

Peter De Jager peterdj at telkomsa.net
Mon Jul 18 05:58:07 EDT 2005


I bought a Mac mini last week (simply fell in love with it ;-). I've set it
up to dual boot Linux (Fedora Core 4 for PowerPC) and OS X but now I'm
trying to install Mono on the Linux partition and I'm battling to compile
from source (since I'm new to both Mac and Linux). Are there any binaries
available so I don't need to compile? Mono on OS X is working fine, it's the
Linux (PPC) version I'm having trouble with. Or perhaps is there a "HowTo"
somewhere which explains how to get Mono running under Linux on PowerPC?

Thanks for any pointers.

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