[Mono-osx] Accessing iTunes, iCal and address book from mono

Andreas Ringdal andreas at ringdal.no
Mon Dec 26 10:59:30 EST 2005

> On 12/26/05, Andreas Ringdal <andreas at ringdal.no> wrote:
>> Does anyone know if it is possible to access iTunes, iCal and Address
>> book from a mono application?
> For iTunes, you can use the iTunes Library.xml file that iTunes
> generates exactly for this purpose. It can be found in ~/Music/iTunes
> (regardless of the iTunes Music folder's location).
The itunes library.xml file is fine for reading, but i want to  update 
the iTunes library after the the song info has been updated on the 

> For Address Book, you may be able to use the procedural C API for
> Address Book through P/Invoke, although I'm not that sure.

> For iCal, you need to use either AppleScript or Sync Services. The
> first needs either P/Invoke at liberal doses, the other requires Tiger
> and Cocoa#.
Anyone got a sample of how I access this from C#
I am a Visual Studio addict and need examples for just everything I do 
I'll be glad for all links to samples of interacting mono with os x 
(objCsharp, cocoa#, applescript)

Project: syncing iTunes with my windows mobile phone and back again 
using mono on the mac and .NET compact framework on the device.


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