[Mono-osx] Cocoa# 0.9.0 released

kangaroo grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Thu Dec 1 15:14:24 EST 2005

Ok after much delay I have released the new Cocoa# to SVN.

The documentation isn't done like I promised but I needed to get this  
out there before it was too ridiculously long.

There is a CONTRIBUTING file in the root of the cocoa-sharp  
repository that documents the contributing guidelines and class  
development guidelines.

There are a number of samples in the samples directory that show such  
things as subclassing NSViews; OpenGLViews; Drag and Drop.

I strongly encourage everyone to check it out from SVN and contribute  
classes as this new version of Cocoa# will be "organic".  We are no  
longer autogenerating everything; every class commited will be  
written by someone by hand thus making sure the aforementioned class  
is tested.

I look forward to your comments and contributions..


PS. It's glueless

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