[Mono-osx] Latest mono...

Bob Checkin wuhurd at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 25 00:23:14 EDT 2005

Hi, I just signed up to the list. Not sure how active
it is. I remember a while back I had to get latest
Mono from cvs or something, but I've since wiped my
drive. Is there a newer/better version of Mono
someplace or is the main download page it? ( I
think it is..)

I don't have much experience with customizing IDEs,
but I was wanting to use Xcode or something similar on
OSX for C# projects. I don't know if building gui apps
similarly to .Net is possible (read: plausible with my
experience) with Interface Builder or MonoDevelop or

Which brings me to another question. There must be a
better way of installing MonoDevelop than using Fink,
mustn't there?


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