[Mono-osx] Mac OS X, Pocket PC and Windows Development

MrcLrssn at netscape.net MrcLrssn at netscape.net
Sat Aug 13 10:08:26 EDT 2005

lists at southernohio.net wrote:

>I have an application with a unique user interface that I wish to  
>develop for essentially all operating systems, but primarily for  
>Pocket PC, Mac OS X and Windows.  I have deliberated over various  
>options and now I think I have less of an idea of what development  
>platform to use now than when I started.
>GnuSTEP with Cocoa, Java and Mono/.NET have all crossed my path (and  
>perhaps there are other options?) but I'm really just not sure what  
>route to pursue and hoped to get some solid advice from folks  
>involved in such arenas.
>Thanks much for any help!
The problem I see with Mono/.NET is to find a GUI-toolkit that works good enough on both Mac and the Microsoft platforms. In my opinion, this means that Winforms is not yet an option. I'm not aware of any gtk/gtk# port for Pocket PC.

If you go with Java, I would suggest to use SWT, which is included in the personal profile version of IBM j9 on Pocket PC. SWT is also available on OS X and Windows.


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