[Mono-osx] Slickedit and OSX

Christian Gross mailing@devspace.com
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 12:20:48 +0200

I was browsing the OSX archives, and noticed a reference to Slickedit.

As a long time Slickedit user, I have to say the reason why I keep using
Slickedit is because of its Mono support.  Way back when Mono was
getting going there was no .NET editor on Linux or OSX.  The only viable
solution was Slickedit.  And it works extremely well.  I agree it costs
300 USD, but I just bought it and bit my lip.  Worse yet, I have
SlickEdit on three platforms... 

For those wondering, I use Slickedit to code, Ant to build the
assemblies, and NUnit to test.  I have tried to get Nant to work across
platforms and find I am always struggling.  Since Ant has .NET
compilation tasks I just use that, and anyways Ant has more other tasks
useful when developing code.

Christian Gross