[Mono-osx] Cocoa# customization

Adhamh Findlay monoosx@adhamh.com
Fri, 22 Apr 2005 08:10:20 -0700

These questions really belong on the cocoa-sharp@lists.ximian.com list.


Lloyd Dupont wrote:

> HI Andrea,
> My Question is about the internal of Cocoa#, how does it work? what 
> kind of interop should you used to tap in ObjectiveC class?
> calling a C function is straight enough: [DllImport] but how do you 
> call ObjectiveC class?
> At least I would like to understand that (I haven't really lookede at 
> it yet, really busy on some other things so far).
> I see you have a coed generator.
> Could it be you just generate a C library to call each function and 
> .NET classes doing simple interop to the method?
> Any clarification would be welcome!