[Mono-osx] Problems with first WinForms Hello World

Andreas Stein andi.stein@gmx.net
Sun, 17 Apr 2005 23:48:48 +0200


I read this Tread, but I have until now no idea why my Hello.app 
terminates immediately after double click in the Finder.

I do: macpack -n:Hello -a:Hello.exe -o:. -m:1


> > After macpacking; I running from Xterminal Window with "mono 
> Hello.exe"
> This will never work due to threading issues with the GUI.
> > or I double click on finder.
> This is the only way the app will work.
> > What do you mean with Console.app ?
> There is a native OS/X program on your mac called Console.  Console 
> displays
> error messages thrown by GUI programs by catching the stdout and stderr
> streams.  It is an invaluable resource and the destination for any
> Console.WriteLine("") commands when you run an app from the finder.
> Look for it in your Applications/Utilities sub.  Keep it in the Dock 
> since
> you'll be needing it while writing apps.
> By the way, I think you are having problems because the version of 
> Mono that
> is on the mono site is missing components.  You need to download and 
> install
> http://homepage.mac.com/adhamh/MonoFramework-1.1.6-4.dmg
> This way you don't need to worry about setting any environment 
> variables
> because the launch script for your app (created by macpack) will do it 
> for
> you.  You ONLY need the terminal for compiling and macpacking.
> Oscar.