[Mono-osx] Mac OS 10.4

kangaroo grompf@sublimeintervention.com
Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:12:18 -0400

Here's the deal:

   Tiger isn't out yet so its not supported yet.  Once I get a gold 
master build (not the latest seed; I have that I mean the real thing) 
I'll work on getting it all up to snuff; but here is the current status

1. Mono/mcs - fine
2. Cocoa# - broken
3. Objc# - broken (this isn't tiger specific)
4. MWF - unknown (reported both ways)

Cocoa# will work from a binary package (only the generator is broken)
Objc# will be fixed on both in the coming week(s).
MWF will be fixed as soon as I get a Tiger DVD in my hands


On 13-Apr-05, at 3:44 PM, Kevin Fowler wrote:

> Hi,
> With the release of Mac OS 10.4 imminent, I wonder what needs to be 
> addressed to get Mono working on Tiger?
> The mono project from svn seems to build fine, but there are 
> consistent runtime errors. Cocoa-sharp and objc-sharp seem to have 
> some build-time difficulties. Since I'm starting Mono from 10.4, I 
> don't know how much of this is due to 10.4-specific issues/changes. 
> I'm willing to help-out where necessary.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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